Eduardo Vallejo Pinto began his career as director of a small contemporary dance project, which is currently one of the most consistent new proposals on the Spanish dance scene. In 2019, that project managed to consolidate with the creation of his contemporary dance company OGMIA.

The research work of Eduardo Vallejo Pinto’s movement as a choreographer is developed through a research methodology that delves into the innate code of the body itself. This unique code sees the possibilities of development through technique as a development framework, it is based on the recognition of the individual himself, his limits and potentialities. The assimilation of the technique and physical exhaustion give the possibility of generating an unconscious creation process.

The company brings together a team of performers from diverse origins such as Spain, Italy, Japan and the United States, which highlights the technical foundations of dance, an intense physicality and the development of characters based on the performer’s psyche. Within the company the use of classical and contemporary technique predominates. Nevertheless, the theatrical aspect is important within the company’s work in the development of each piece.

No Time to Rage

The Holy Trinity

Mother Tongue