No Time to Rage – OGM

NO TIME TO RAGE is a long piece for seven dancers that exposes the conflict experienced by the individual who decides to confront society and, therefore, himself. Deconstruct to build. A journey of dualities, in which the individual who wants to survive and transcend must face his environment, abiding by the exclusion and rejection of others. No Time to Rage viscerally presents a pseudo-futuristic society in which its participants believe they are free from established conventions and roles, who look to their own navel so as not to recognize that they themselves were the ones who created the place they cannot now. get free. This work reflects the dark contradictions that are part of freedom itself, but sheds light on it, on this innate desire, impossible to extinguish, in each one of us.

Data sheet

Direction, choreography and original idea: Eduardo Vallejo Pinto

Performers: Javier Monzón, Eduardo Vallejo Pinto, Michela Lanteri, Valentina Pedica, Mai Matsuki, Yaiza Caro Martinez and Marta Pomar

Original music and sound space: Iván Solano

Lighting designer: Kira Argounova

Costume design: Piedad Valles and Eduardo Vallejo Pinto

Coaching: Fran Arráez

Production: Batbox Productions

Project management and production coordination: Diego Cavia

Video: Belén Herrera de la Osa

Photo: Alba Muriel Meléndez

Graphic design: Diego Cavia

Running time: 70 minutes