El Bosque – MRCT

With this new work, El Bosque, Marcat Dance wants to continue connecting to a physical movement vocabulary, which after years of work they have been internalizing and making very their own and personal, with new levels and movement dynamics. To do this, they will investigate the movement of animals, exploring the weight of their own bodies in relation to gravity, like the animal, which is prepared to attack or protect itself from a very internal and intuitive place. This process will therefore open up new channels and physical possibilities that will continue to enrich Marcat Dance’s vocabulary.
In this new piece, lasting 60 minutes for three dancers, we will be able to see a lot of floor work and interactions between performers, deeply inspired by the forest, its atmospheres, energies, sensations, as well as the trees and animals that inhabit it. Mario Bermúdez, Catherine Coury and Marilisa Gallicchio will form the cast with original music composed by José Pablo Polo. The three will be part of a mysterious world, alive, energetic, bright at times, and dark at others, clear and cloudy, terrifying and wonderful, dualities that fade when we enter the forest.
The forest, therefore, will not only serve as inspiration for the movement, but also for lighting design, costumes and of course the musical composition. All the elements will be intimately related under this concept to introduce the spectator in a sensory journey, a journey that allows him to lose himself within it.
As Jose Pablo Polo, musical composer and performer, expresses:
“Listening is probably the most treacherous of all our faculties. While the set of things that we can see and touch are presented to us as a certainty, or as something present on which we configure our reality, sound is something ephemeral, transitory, a memory of something distant. To enter a forest is to face this uncertainty, to dialogue with a series of sounds that disturb us due to the lack of knowledge of the origin of their emitting source. This immersion into the unknown is the starting point of the musical composition for The Forest: a real-time orchestration of a soundscape of an electric nature, almost bioluminescent, that leads the viewer along paths that throb, labyrinths that resonate with the weight of the gravity of a deep sleep from which we cannot wake.”


  • World Premier Festival Marbella, Tododanza 2022
  • Running time 60 minutos
  • Choreography Mario Bermudez Gil
  • Original score Jose Pablo Polo
  • Sound design Jose Pablo Polo
  • Lighting design Mamen B.Gil