Dani Pannullo DanceTheatre Co. – DPDT

Argentinean born Dani Pannullo developed his entire career as choreographer and artistic director in Madrid (Spain) where he lives and works since the 80’s. He is well-known for his avant-garde vision of dance creation and for his pioneer introduction of urban dance in the stage.

Pannullo’s universe combines urban poetry, social and spiritual experiences and ethos of the metropolis with hip-hop, free jazz, pop tunes and world music in a unique dance technique. The diverse styles of performing arts and contemporary pieces are infused with imaginative reinterpretations of ancient and traditional dances bringing them to the current context of urban life.
Pannullo’s passion for diversity and experimentation with sundry music and dance genres has driven him to diverse places like Japan, Egypt ad India as he continues to produce modern versions of classical plays and dances.

Dancers from different disciplines nourish the Company where the clash between the acrobatic impulsiveness of break-dance and the introspective, serene contemporary dance, yielding an exotic inner voyage that reflects man’s never-ending pursuit for self-emancipation.

Pannullo’s acclaimed creations became a major attraction in Spain by the time he founded his self-titled company, the Dani Pannullo DanceTheater Co. that since travels the world portraying contemporary dance creation in the 21st century.

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