Huesos de Madera – MRCT

Huesos de Madera is a 50-minute piece performed by Marilisa Gallicchio and Mario Bermúdez himself with live piano music performed by Javier Negrín Dorta, who reflects on the new situation of paraplegia suffered by a relative of Mario, his uncle Antonio Gil Pérez, after an accident, and how this event has forever changed his life and that of the people around him. The piece has also had an external dramaturgy, by the hand of Isabel Vázquez, which has allowed guiding the creation within the labyrinth of emotions that make up this choreographic material.


Adama is a dance that emerges from the depths. It is telluric dance. Of earth and convoluted roots. Of wild nature, of trees separated on the surface that confuse their roots underground, that embrace underneath in a network that connects them, makes them strong and safe. The inspiration for this new trio came to Mario Bermúdez just by looking down, seeing his feet stepping on the red earth of Vilches, looking up at the horizon from the window of his house in this town of Jaén where he saw the light , and where he now lives, creates and is based Marcat Dance, his company.  Pablo Polo’s music, created exclusively, uses the sound of a language without origin that seems but is not Arabic, Spanish, Hebrew or any other known. To the rhythm of these voices an evocative dance of nature and its free will is built, which sets these three bodies free, nevertheless trapped on an insignificant planet in the face of the greatness of its solar system. And always following the rules of nature, the choreography is circular, it begins where it ends and begins again. It is at a time cycle, continuity and eternity …
And it also happens in Adama who seems to want to reveal secrets. Secrets of the earth and the ancestors that cannot be expressed in words but that touch the sensibility, that come through the sensual and earthly movement, the evocative music, the whole atmosphere that connects with remote times and cultures from contemporary codes of dance and staging.

Anhelo – MRCT


Longing is a choreographic proposal that focuses on the feeling of human desire turning it into dance. Mario Bermúdez Gil creates, based on the original music of Pablo Polo, through the body, a language of movement beyond its limits.
Six interpreters yearn to find calm, immersing themselves in an emotional process that connects their strong technique with the most human. The piece uses scenes from everyday life, elements close to all of us, with images that invite you to get caught.
Longing is a sensory journey with musical rhythms in time and space that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the viewer’s retina.


General direction and choreography: Mario Bermúdez
Choreography Assistant: Catherine Coury
Catherine Coury
Julia Rieder
Marilisa Gallicchio
Mario Bermudez
Mathew Prichard
Oliver Chapman

Light and lighting design: Olga García
Musical composition and sound: José Pablo Polo
Co-production: Itálica Festival, Ritmos del Mundo and Marcat Dance

Duet Alanda – MRCT

DUET ALANDA connects and contrasts vital paths of the past and present as lineage lines intersect with movement memories of cultural beauty and tradition. Wherever its origin comes from, dance evokes life; the old and the new. United in strength and fluidity, the couple is in sync, balancing tension and tenderness, chaos and calm. Together they move perfectly wrapped in a veil of dream. Coury and Bermúdez, artists from two distant worlds, the United States and Spain, who come together as one.

Duet Alanda is the development of a short piece with which Mario has won awards such as 1st Prize “Masdanza23” in 2018 or the Production Prize Winner of RIDCC in 2018, Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition.

Running time 30 min.

Garip – MRCT

Garip is a wild, fanatical trio whose characters become a tribe of the same shadow.
Choreographer Mario Bermudez Gil plays with character overshadowing, shading, and
tracking closely and secretly someone’s footsteps. At times the entity becomes fully
enveloped in shadow, and at times the audience is provoked to see that there is no shadow without the potency and power of light.

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