Experimental hip-hop influenced by styles such as flexing, contemporary contortionism, tutting, tracing or abstract; the vast universe of electronic music and its multiple sub-genres: trap, EDM, IDM, liquid drum and bass, halftime or electro-jazz, together with free jazz and rooted, cultured music; literary references to writers and thinkers such as Borges, Cortázar, Genet, Rimbaud, Artaud, Orwell and Huxley or the philosophy of dance of Nietzsche and the theories of Faucault or Derrida, are part of the immense amalgam of references that end up giving shape to EXPULSION! (dance riot), a new experience that does not disdain references as contrasted as the ritual and sacred dances of Gurdjieff and the philosophy of a certain futuristic cinematographic science fiction.

With these very dissimilar wickers, Pannullo creates his own fabric that he simply calls contemporary urban dance and that, basically, invites the viewer to let go. As in almost all of his proposals, the aspiration is that EXPULSION! (dance riot) seek the emotion of the dance and at the same time, generate concern and reflection in everyone who sees it.

Avalanche – DPDT

Avalanche takes us to a world where two styles of dance clash, speaking to us, above all, about the inexorable passing of time.

On stage Dani Panullo is searching for evidence of a world where technology can provide us with satisfactory answers to everything, but finds that when it comes to explaining human relations much is still unknown.

This performance presents the twenty-first century as a distorted marvel of two distinct worlds, and picks out moments in the life of a director, avid to explore where he fits in himself.

Through his physical language, he embarks on an exhaustive quest to discover the very nature of human nature, and takes us all the way from ancient village rituals to the complex presence of the metropolitan dance.

Behind every gesture of the hand or movement of the foot lies an in-depth study of the latest choreography. In accordance with the ideal of this company, Pannullo has explored the most recent trends in urban sports and included some of these new elements to his regular cast of dancers. This new sporting practice is an amalgam of control and virtuosity, whose tricks and graceful creativity become pure poetry in motion on the stage. According to Pannullo, this is more than just dancing; it as a form of free-style football. As the Dani Pannullo Dance Theatre has previously done with b-boys, skaters, free running, ‘traceurs’ and beat boxers, it brings these new linguistic features onto the stage in search of approval by a wider audience.  Such an audience can compare how the dancers follow an inanimate object, the ball, around like robots with the flexible movements of the football freestyler. This juxtaposition creates two beautiful views of bodily movements, as if trying to decipher the very mystery behind their code of conduct.



Choreographer & General Director: Dani Pannullo

Dancers (B-boys):

– Alejandro Moya (b-boy Lilkuest)

– Julián Gómez (B-boy Hu-lee)

– Miguel Ballabriga (B-boy Zomas)

– Rubén Martín (B-boy Chino)

Football free-styler:

– Javier Sanz Aguilar

Cello: Luis Felipe Serrano (Martin Waschbär)

Light Design: Victor Cadenas

Gobo Design: Jaro

Costumes: Carlos Diez, Adidas y Martin Waschbär

Sound: Eric Medina

Graphic Design: Pablo Herrero (ZETA)

Video: Bruno Galán Ruiz (BRUTO)

Photography: Borja Suárez Lázaro-Galdiano (BSLG)

Production: Claudia Morgana (Danzas del Mundo)

Acknowledgments: Canal Dance Centre (Centro de Danza Canal), Martin Waschbär Artes Escénicas, Gorka Postigo y Nicolás Santos.

Uirapurú – DPDT

On the wonderful music of Heitor Villalobos, the dance recreates the Amazonian legend – which refers us to Genesis – of a new Adam: Uirapurú, “the bird that is not a bird”.

The piece begins with the scene of the young bird that builds its nest and sings. All the beings that inhabit the Amazon mute to hear that unique, beautiful song that only takes place once a year. He is succeeded by the appearance of the same handsome young man of the tribe who is desired by all women while he pretends the love of the woman of the cacique who will never correspond to him.

While the tribe celebrates life with ritual dances, the young man suffers. Moved to compassion, the god Tupa – represented as a deus ex machina – transcends his love making him the bird of the most beautiful song of the Amazon: Uirapurú. Since then, once a year, the forest will listen in silence to the beautiful song of Uirapurú.

Dani Pannullo recreates this legend in urban code with young dancers of contemporary dance and hip-hop, who on the background of the symphonic music performed by the orchestra, transport us to the imaginary jungle where the action takes place.


Choreography and general direction: Dani Pannullo

Assistant director and choreography: Itsaso A.Cano

Uirapurú: Manuel Martín
Cacique: Graciel E. Lisboa
In love: Itsaso A. Cano
God Tupa: Said Bensani
Women of the tribe:
Mar Rodríguez
Amaya Brown
Men of the tribe:
Alejandro Moya
Alberto I. Giraldo
Miguel Ballabriga
Sara Cano

Music: Heitor Villa-Lobos
Graphic work “Amazonia” by Susana Pannullo.
Visuals: Bruno Galán (BRUTO)
Costume: Carlos Diez
Illuminator: Victor Chains
Manager: Claudia Morgana

ATLAS map of moves – DPDT

“I knew that in an infinite time all things happen to every man.”
(The Aleph / The immortal – Borges)

In ATLAS (Map of moves) Dani Pannullo is nourished by the imaginary of photographer José Ortiz Echagüe (1886-1980) to continue delving into the search for his personal choreographic language. The mutual interest of the photographer and the choreographer for orientalism is reflected in a show where the barriers between the different artistic expressions disappear to create their own language and aesthetics.

ATLAS is a game of contrasts between the energy emitted by a body of dance formed by athletes / dancers, fully masculine, and the evocative beauty of Ortiz-Echagüe’s images. Dani Pannullo creates a choreography surprisingly close to acrobatics that combines elements of work-out free-style with parkour technique, b-boying and even elements of the Greco-Roman struggle.

In the words of Dani himself, “ATLAS is a free-thinking show that uses dance to talk about such transcendental topics as childhood, courage or rivalry; reflects on the symbols and the strength of religions. “


Idea and direction: Dani Pannullo inspired by the photographic work of José Ortiz Echagüe

Artistic team:
– Alberto Gómez
– Daniel González
– Gilbert Jackson
– Julián Gómez
– León Barras
– Miguel Espada

Graphic art: ZETA

Wardrobe: Maison MESA, ADNAN and ADIDAS

Musicalization and visuals: Antonio Mosquera (TZOOTZ Research)

Lighting: Lola Barroso

Photography: José Ortiz Echagüe & BSLG