Iratxe Ansa and Igor Bacovich started collaborating in 2013, from the very beginning they realised that their different backgrounds and approaches complemented each other’s artistic needs and visions.

Since the beginning of their collaboration, they have worked internationally choreographing, dancing, teaching, producing and generating art works in collaborations with media artists.

Through their experience they refined their approach which enabled them to adapt in multiple environments, generating a universal language that would ‘speak’ to a large variety of cultures and audiences. ​

Iratxe and Igor have developed their own dancing method called “Metamorphosis Method” and are founders and organisers of the Metamorphosis dance project.

So far the duo have worked in over 30 countries and choreographed over 20 dance works.

Metamorphosis Dance, a dance company based in Madrid, Spain was officially formed in 2019.

Al Desnudo

Elkarrizketa Ilunak


Marcat Dance – MRCT

Marcat Dance is the artistic home for Spanish Choreographer and former Batsheva Dance Company Member Mario Bermudez Gil and co-founder Catherine Coury. Founded in 2016, Marcat Dance is dedicated to sharing our creativity and joy of movement through creation, performance, and teaching opportunities around the world. Marcat Dance believes in the power of the imagination, creative risk-taking, and continuous research towards dynamic physicality. Marcat Dance connects to the human spirit and finds inspiration from world cultures, rituals, and landscapes.


Duet Alanda




Huesos de Madera

Dani Pannullo DanceTheatre Co. – DPDT

Argentinean born Dani Pannullo developed his entire career as choreographer and artistic director in Madrid (Spain) where he lives and works since the 80’s. He is well-known for his avant-garde vision of dance creation and for his pioneer introduction of urban dance in the stage.

Pannullo’s universe combines urban poetry, social and spiritual experiences and ethos of the metropolis with hip-hop, free jazz, pop tunes and world music in a unique dance technique. The diverse styles of performing arts and contemporary pieces are infused with imaginative reinterpretations of ancient and traditional dances bringing them to the current context of urban life.
Pannullo’s passion for diversity and experimentation with sundry music and dance genres has driven him to diverse places like Japan, Egypt ad India as he continues to produce modern versions of classical plays and dances.

Dancers from different disciplines nourish the Company where the clash between the acrobatic impulsiveness of break-dance and the introspective, serene contemporary dance, yielding an exotic inner voyage that reflects man’s never-ending pursuit for self-emancipation.

Pannullo’s acclaimed creations became a major attraction in Spain by the time he founded his self-titled company, the Dani Pannullo DanceTheater Co. that since travels the world portraying contemporary dance creation in the 21st century.

Shows available for tour:



ATLAS, map of moves

Cía Carmen Fumero – CCF

The Carmen Fumero Company is a dance company recently established as a result of a personal challenge to carry out choreographic projects experimenting with different styles and approaches. Our focus is to have expressiveness and beauty in the movements as a means to creating new forms of communication.
The Carmen Fumero Company have staged various projects on their own, and in 2011, with the support of Laura Kumin and Daniel Abreu, they premiered at the Sala Mirador in Madrid. In 2010 after participating in the Choreographic Contest of Madrid, the company became a resident at the Canal Theatres. There, under the auspices of Nicolas Rambaud, they created their first large format work called “Irony”, which premiered in Madrid at the Padrillo Theatre in December 2011.
In 2013, they received two choreographic residences, one at the Canal Theatre, where they worked on their own and another from the Artists in Residence Contest at the Casa Encendida. There, they created the piece “Montando Cabos” [‘Setting Up Pieces’], which was awarded a prize for best scenic photography by Pedro Amay and another prize for outstanding dancer at the First Contest in Tetuan, Madrid. They also participated at other festivals in 2013 such as “Canaries Outside and Within”, Dancetech Festival, SOS festival, and in 2014 at the Emerging Creation in Madrid, NunOff Festival in Barcelona, the Young Creators’ Festival, and at the “Gracias X Favor” [‘Thanks, Please’] in Santander 2014, where they won the Audience’s Prize.
In 2014, Carmen Fumero, this time together with Miguel Ballabriga, once again received a residence at the Canal Theatres where they both created the piece “It Was Almost Two”, premiering at the “Canaries Outside and Within” Festival in Tenerife. In 2015, this piece won the first prize in the 2nd Choreographic Contest in the District of Tetuan, and the first prize in the 29th Choreographic Contest of Madrid. “It Was Almost Two” was invited to participate in the 1st HopEvolutions Festival held at the Mercat de les Flors [‘the Flower Market’] in Barcelona 2015. Recently, the company, which is now formed by Carmen Fumero and Miguel Ballabriga, premiered the long version of “It Was Almost Two” at the 30th International Dance Festival in Madrid.

Shows available for tour:

Eran casi las dos”

“Un poco de nadie”

“Broken Lines Duet”

Compañía Nacional de Danza de España – CND

Compañía Nacional de Danza was founded in 1979 under the name of Ballet Nacional de España Clásico, with Víctor Ullate as its first Director. His successors in the post were María de Ávila and the extraordinary Russian ballerina Maya Plisetskaya. Then, in 1990, Nacho Duato was named Artistic Director of the company.
Duato’s appointment brought innovative change to the company. Up to his departure in 2010, he contributed forty-five choreographic works, praised by critics worldwide.
After one year under the artistic direction of Hervé Palito, the Compañía Nacional de Danza appointed its current Artistic Director, José Carlos Martínez. He took office on September 1st, 2011, after leaving his post as Principal Dancer from the Paris Opera Ballet.
José Carlos Martínez’s project for the Compañía Nacional de Danza is to promote dance and to make this art form better known. His repertory is wide, ranging from classical and neoclassical ballet to modern choreographic language, within a setting of full artistic and creational freedom. It embraces both new Spanish and international creations, drawing in new audiences and boosting the company’s national and international projection.


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Eduardo Vallejo Pinto began his career as director of a small contemporary dance project, which is currently one of the most consistent new proposals on the Spanish dance scene. In 2019, that project managed to consolidate with the creation of his contemporary dance company OGMIA.

The research work of Eduardo Vallejo Pinto’s movement as a choreographer is developed through a research methodology that delves into the innate code of the body itself. This unique code sees the possibilities of development through technique as a development framework, it is based on the recognition of the individual himself, his limits and potentialities. The assimilation of the technique and physical exhaustion give the possibility of generating an unconscious creation process.

The company brings together a team of performers from diverse origins such as Spain, Italy, Japan and the United States, which highlights the technical foundations of dance, an intense physicality and the development of characters based on the performer’s psyche. Within the company the use of classical and contemporary technique predominates. Nevertheless, the theatrical aspect is important within the company’s work in the development of each piece.

No Time to Rage

The Holy Trinity

Mother Tongue