Garganta – LAVA

In the piece I am now presenting, the three performers go into a changing universe, the underlying idea being a path, a temporary place. Whether it is a lifetime or just a fragment of life, it involves moving from point to point. The presence of the three performers suggests a world
of possible links between them and with that one cannot see but can sense.
For the choreographic construction I have chosen elements that move me and rather than displaying them I try to suggest them in order to open other worlds: an empty, grey space where pieces of wall-like wood, hunting tools and possible beds come in.
To talk about limiting beauty, the space changes through light and stage machinery. The dancers crash against each other giddily and end up
in a sea of clouds. They disappear among voices, with voices, making it clear that every individual builds the place they inhabit.

Concept and direction: Daniel Abreu
Dancers: Paloma Hurtado, Laura Marrero and Daniel Morales
Choreography: Daniel Abreu, Paloma Hurtado, Laura Marrero and Daniel Morales
Lighting design: Irene Cantero Produced by: Auditorio de Tenerife