Garip – MRCT

Garip is a wild, fanatical trio whose characters become a tribe of the same shadow.
Choreographer Mario Bermudez Gil plays with character overshadowing, shading, and
tracking closely and secretly someone’s footsteps. At times the entity becomes fully
enveloped in shadow, and at times the audience is provoked to see that there is no shadow without the potency and power of light.

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Anhelo – MRCT


Longing is a choreographic proposal that focuses on the feeling of human desire turning it into dance. Mario Bermúdez Gil creates, based on the original music of Pablo Polo, through the body, a language of movement beyond its limits.
Six interpreters yearn to find calm, immersing themselves in an emotional process that connects their strong technique with the most human. The piece uses scenes from everyday life, elements close to all of us, with images that invite you to get caught.
Longing is a sensory journey with musical rhythms in time and space that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the viewer’s retina.


General direction and choreography: Mario Bermúdez
Choreography Assistant: Catherine Coury
Catherine Coury
Julia Rieder
Marilisa Gallicchio
Mario Bermudez
Mathew Prichard
Oliver Chapman

Light and lighting design: Olga García
Musical composition and sound: José Pablo Polo
Co-production: Itálica Festival, Ritmos del Mundo and Marcat Dance

Inside Kid – MRCT

Inside Kid is a fantastical, physically dense piece that was created to remind us to connect with our own inner child. Universally, we all embody a child spirit within us who desires to express individual curiosity, playfulness, and sense of wonder. As we become older we become distracted and numb to our authentic youth, and we inadvertently hide our true colors staying trapped in cocoons. This piece’s purpose is to ignite our imaginations and turn on our listening to the kid inside us who is ready to play, ready to connect, and ready to participate in a curious creative world.

CHOREOGRAPHY / Mario Bermudez Gil
DANCERS / Mario Bermudez Gil, Catherine Coury, Francisco Martinez Garcia, Violeta Wulff Mena
COSTUME DESIGN / Mario Bermudez Gil, made by Francisca Sanchez Melchor
MUSIC EDITOR / Itxasai Mediavilla
RUNNING TIME / 60 minutes, no intermission / 40 minute version available


Alanda – MRCT

Alanda is a 45-minute dance piece inspired by the ancient rituals and breathtaking landscape of old Andalusia (Al-Andalus) – a gateway between Europe and Africa and a place where different traditions and cultures coexist. Alanda is a place where tribes gather, lovers dance, battles abrupt, and desert winds echo its remembrance. The dance is set to a powerful cinematic music score featuring ethnic composers.
“The dance and movement are bursting with joy. […] The uniqueness of ‘Alanda’ is the movement language. […] A dance that stores power and velocity.” – Haaretz, Israel 2016