Abisal – LAVA

So much for the idea of ​​enduring. That magical fact of receiving a place in the world and its possibilities. A legacy that gives us identity and belonging. The work, following the line of my creations, is presented in pictures: ways of survival, struggle and adaptation; community notes, uprooting and some of its consequences; love as contact and as respect; power as indifference and submission; rites and pictures of the erotic and the esoteric. The work presents many symbols that speak of protection, the spiritual, the impediment and the path linked to that wonderful concept of the legacy.

Six interpreters who communicate with a danced language, a journey through images as I would do for the verses of a song. They ask me why Abyssal as a title? … simply because it evokes depth and purity. A place that exists but is inaccessible. Water between sediments and air, shade, calm, unimaginable fauna and an impossible place to live for us. A simile with the unconscious, the individual and the collective. In the most material, geographical inheritance.

The transmission is intimately linked to belonging, with the message enduring, and in it all possible ways that a group learned to survive and know how that happens corresponds to the magical and inexplicable world. I invite the viewer to feel the work from this concept. In the play there are no people with stories, but facts that are reflected through dancing figures. Every time they ask me about a dance work I think: “Do not demand dance to be a text, it is another way of understanding being alive”


Creation and direction: Daniel Abreu

Performers: Lava Dancers Dance Company

Costumes: Leo Martínez

Light design: Irene Cantero and Daniel Abreu

Repeater: Dácil González

Technical coordination: Daniel Badal

Production Assistant: Begoña Domínguez

Production: Auditorio de Tenerife

15º al Oeste – LAVA

“The sky of the summer nights guides us. Sand clouds migrate in reddish-orange billows from the Sahara desert, creating paths that connect with other paths, with other people; creating borders that can be knocked down in just one step.
We wait… we wait for them to arrive. We wait for the journey to commence, for someone to come back, for someone to set off for unknown lands.
Waiting sometimes becomes infinite, as infinite as the universe where stars shine is, as infinite as the possibilities in the horizon before a journey are.”

Concept and Choreography:
Paloma Hurtado
Produced by: Auditorio de Tenerife

Garganta – LAVA

In the piece I am now presenting, the three performers go into a changing universe, the underlying idea being a path, a temporary place. Whether it is a lifetime or just a fragment of life, it involves moving from point to point. The presence of the three performers suggests a world
of possible links between them and with that one cannot see but can sense.
For the choreographic construction I have chosen elements that move me and rather than displaying them I try to suggest them in order to open other worlds: an empty, grey space where pieces of wall-like wood, hunting tools and possible beds come in.
To talk about limiting beauty, the space changes through light and stage machinery. The dancers crash against each other giddily and end up
in a sea of clouds. They disappear among voices, with voices, making it clear that every individual builds the place they inhabit.

Concept and direction: Daniel Abreu
Dancers: Paloma Hurtado, Laura Marrero and Daniel Morales
Choreography: Daniel Abreu, Paloma Hurtado, Laura Marrero and Daniel Morales
Lighting design: Irene Cantero Produced by: Auditorio de Tenerife

Beyond – LAVA

What is a man who has no landscape?
Anne Michaels
A search across the emotional landscapes of memory.
An uncertain scenario which constantly urges us to create or reflect on our own life, on the landscape we build slowly, either consciously or by chance.
Established in 1996, this contemporary artistic creation company is directed by Virginia García and Damián Muñoz. They celebrated their twenty years on the stage by being acknowledged with the Premio Nacional de Danza 2015 [National Dance Award], for their artistic creation.
Since the beginning, a particular feature of their work has been their ability to generate poetic spaces with strong visual and emotional impact in an attempt to empathize with the audience intimately. La Intrusa’s starting point has always been reflection, sharing their life drive by conveying it to the stage through metaphors of movement, images, sounds and words.
They have received national and international awards for both their stage and audio-visual creations.

Director: La Intrusa (Virginia García and Damián Muñoz)
Created by: La Intrusa in collaboration with the performers
Dramaturgy: Virginia García Text: Ana Redondo (La Intrusa) Original soundtrack: Jesús Díaz
Performers: Luis Agorreta, Javier Arozena, Emiliana Battista Marino, Samuel Déniz, Carmen Fumero and Virginia Martín
Lighting and Costume: La Intrusa with Auditorio de Tenerife team
Technical assistance: Jordi Berch

Bending the walls – LAVA

Bending the Walls is a Korzo Theater and Nederlands Dans Theater production.
Bending the Walls explores the world of restrictions and limitations in
our search for happiness, freedom and understanding: our physical and psychological boundaries and the world around us. It is a metaphor about the psychological, physical and emotional forces human beings can use to transcend tangible reality, overcome affliction and escape to a world of imagination.
Fernando Hernando Magadan
Spanish choreographer Fernando Hernando Magadan studied at Real Conservatorio de Danza de Madrid, London Studio Centre and Central School of Ballet in London before becoming part of the Nederlands Dans Theater 2 in Holland to then go on to the Nederlands Dans Theater 1. He has worked with highly prestigious choreographers like Jiri Kylian, Mats
Ek, Sol León, Paul Lightfoot, Ohad Naharin, Johan Inger, Crystal Pite and Hofesh Shechter, among others.
After spending two years as rehearsal director at Nederlans Dans Theater, Fernando is currently artistic director at NDT2

Choreography: Fernando Hernando Magadan
Répétiteur: Dominic Santia
Music Composition: Luis Hernaiz
Text/voice: Gary Hill, Around and About (1980)
Performers: Luis Agorreta, Javier Arozena, Emiliana Battista Marino, Samuel Déniz, Carmen Fumero and Virginia Martín
Costume: Annemarije van Harten
Lighting: Tom Visser
Dramaturgy: Yvan Dubreuil
World Premiere: 16 March 2018, Korzo Theater, The Hague
Running Time: 33 min.


Everyone makes their own sound. 
The sound does not come from the mouth, but from life. 
I must live my own life and make my own sound through the sound of others. 
What kind of sound will you make?

Dongkyu Kim


Choreographer: Dongkyu Kim

Rehearsal assistant: Nara Yoon, Jiho Jang

Dancers: Emiliana Battista Marino, Fabiana Mangialardi, Virginia Martín,
Paula Parra, Alicia Pírez y Amanda Rubio

Composer: Jiho Jang Laboratory

Dance Project producer: Jisoo Gook

Lights: Daniel Badal

Costumes: Leo Martínez

Running time: 35 minutes

Premiere: 1 December 2019


While watching Hush I encourage you to ignore the unyielding tendency to look for a plot, to reject the stubborn need to understand, to trust your instincts and intuition, and being honest and truthful about it, to trust your tender heart, which has a vast capacity for imagining.

Choreography: Roy Assaf

Artistic associate: Ariel Freedman

Dancers: Emiliana Battista Marino, Fabiana Mangialardi, Virginia Martín,
Paula Parra, Alicia Pírez y Amanda Rubio

Light: Roy Assaf and Daniel Badal

Costume: Roy Assaf and Leo Martínez

Running time: 25 min

Premiere: 1 December 2019