Broken Lines – T&D

Bodies that intersect, touch, entangle, but never “meet.” Hearts that love each other but never come to beat in unison . . .
Beyond our physical appearance, we are all equal in our desire to be loved, understood and accepted. So why is it hard for us to relate? Why are we not compatible with certain people if we all want the same thing? What is left after meeting someone?

The piece inquires into encounters and human relationships. In the mode of relating. In the way the energy and behavior of others affects us and modifies our own behavior and way of being. In the impressions, memories, dependencies and scars that remain after these encounters.

Choreography: Dimo ​​Kirilov Milev


Tamako Akiyama

Carmen Fumero

Dimo Kirilov

Miguel Ballabriga

Original Music: The Lab

Lighting design: Olga García

Lighting Technician: Sergío García

Costume Design and Costume Design: Dimo ​​Kirilov Milev

With the support of the City Council of Pozuelo de Alarcón, the Community of Madrid and the Canal Dance Center.

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