Beyond – LAVA

What is a man who has no landscape?
Anne Michaels
A search across the emotional landscapes of memory.
An uncertain scenario which constantly urges us to create or reflect on our own life, on the landscape we build slowly, either consciously or by chance.
Established in 1996, this contemporary artistic creation company is directed by Virginia García and Damián Muñoz. They celebrated their twenty years on the stage by being acknowledged with the Premio Nacional de Danza 2015 [National Dance Award], for their artistic creation.
Since the beginning, a particular feature of their work has been their ability to generate poetic spaces with strong visual and emotional impact in an attempt to empathize with the audience intimately. La Intrusa’s starting point has always been reflection, sharing their life drive by conveying it to the stage through metaphors of movement, images, sounds and words.
They have received national and international awards for both their stage and audio-visual creations.

Director: La Intrusa (Virginia García and Damián Muñoz)
Created by: La Intrusa in collaboration with the performers
Dramaturgy: Virginia García Text: Ana Redondo (La Intrusa) Original soundtrack: Jesús Díaz
Performers: Luis Agorreta, Javier Arozena, Emiliana Battista Marino, Samuel Déniz, Carmen Fumero and Virginia Martín
Lighting and Costume: La Intrusa with Auditorio de Tenerife team
Technical assistance: Jordi Berch