Abisal – LAVA

So much for the idea of ​​enduring. That magical fact of receiving a place in the world and its possibilities. A legacy that gives us identity and belonging. The work, following the line of my creations, is presented in pictures: ways of survival, struggle and adaptation; community notes, uprooting and some of its consequences; love as contact and as respect; power as indifference and submission; rites and pictures of the erotic and the esoteric. The work presents many symbols that speak of protection, the spiritual, the impediment and the path linked to that wonderful concept of the legacy.

Six interpreters who communicate with a danced language, a journey through images as I would do for the verses of a song. They ask me why Abyssal as a title? … simply because it evokes depth and purity. A place that exists but is inaccessible. Water between sediments and air, shade, calm, unimaginable fauna and an impossible place to live for us. A simile with the unconscious, the individual and the collective. In the most material, geographical inheritance.

The transmission is intimately linked to belonging, with the message enduring, and in it all possible ways that a group learned to survive and know how that happens corresponds to the magical and inexplicable world. I invite the viewer to feel the work from this concept. In the play there are no people with stories, but facts that are reflected through dancing figures. Every time they ask me about a dance work I think: “Do not demand dance to be a text, it is another way of understanding being alive”


Creation and direction: Daniel Abreu

Performers: Lava Dancers Dance Company

Costumes: Leo Martínez

Light design: Irene Cantero and Daniel Abreu

Repeater: Dácil González

Technical coordination: Daniel Badal

Production Assistant: Begoña Domínguez

Production: Auditorio de Tenerife